How to Apply

We welcome any local committed Christians from Churches in the Newmarket
area to join our happy family at Newmarket Town Pastors. If you are
interested in applying to join the scheme as a Prayer Partner
(home-based or at base) or Town Pastor, please do e-mail us. We are
always looking for committed volunteers to join our family.

We can arrange for you to patrol with us as a visitor, or shadow someone in our prayer base before you commit.  If you’re happy we can then take it further.

E-mail John Borda on:


Town Pastors

You should be prepared to volunteer one evening per month, and be able to walk a couple of miles a night.

Prayer Team

There are two distinct ‘streams’ that members of the Prayer Team can opt for.

  • Firstly we are seeking to recruit people who are willing to pray from their own home for an hour at particular times in the night.
  • Secondly we are seeking those who could join with others (at a town centre base) to pray during the night. This group would receive regular updates from the Town Pastor team, talk to Home Prayer Team members, and prepare refreshments for the Town Pastors during their breaks.

Alternatively, you could be a “prayer buddy” for a Town Pastor, praying for them just before and after they patrol. No specific training or registration is needed, just ask a Town Pastor to let you know when they are on duty.

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